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CHARTA for peace
We’re actively involved in the peace movement. In our catalogue you’ll find books that bear witness to the activism of many artists, especially on the issue of AIDS.




I Nostri Libri per La Pace / Our books for peace

Oreet Ashery/Larissa Sansour. The Novel of Nonel and Vovel

Due artisti falliti diventano supereroi grazie a un virus e affrontano, in una storia a fumetti, tematiche importanti come il conflitto israelo-palestinese.
Two failed artists become superheroes thanks to a virus and face, in a comic-strip story, important themes like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ottonella Mocellin / Nicola Pellegrini
Un assurdo raggio di splendore sopra la striscia di Gaza

Parole, poesie, fiori, un arcobaleno persino, tutto quello che altrove è normale diventa anomalo, quasi assurdo, nella striscia di Gaza.
Words, poems, flowers and even a rainbow. All the things that are normal anywhere else become abnormal and almost absurd in the Gaza Strip.

Moises Saman
Afghanistan. Broken Promise

In Afghanistan nessuna promessa è stata mantenuta. Il ritratto della vita dei civili in un paese devastato dalla guerra secondo l'autore pluripremiato di This is War.
In Afghanistan, no promise has been kept. The portrait of civil life in a country devastated by war, according to the prize-winning author of This is War.

Andrew Lichtenstein
Never Coming Home

i funerali dei soldati americani morti in Iraq, le immagini del dolore delle famiglie nascoste al popolo americano
The funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq, the images of family pain hidden from the American people.

elin o'Hara slavick
Bomb After Bomb. A Violent Cartography

Vincent Katz and Wayne Gonzales

March 18, 2003. A Poem for peace

Just War di Howard Zinn

La guerra giusta di Howard Zinn

Green Parrots. A War Surgeon's Diary
by Gino Strada

Museum of Contemporary Art, Kinmen Island.
A Permanent Sanctuary for Art in a Demilitarized Zone

Moises Saman
This is War

Steve Simon
Heroines & Heroes. Hope, Hiv and Africa

Arte nell'epoca dell'AIDS