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Claudio Guarino

Artists: Claudio Guarino
Authors: Steve Child, Giorgio Verzotti, Francesco Bernardelli, Claudio Guarino
Format: 16,8 x 24 cm
Pages: 168
Binding: paperback
Illustrations: 194 in color
Year: 2008
Edition: English / Italian
ISBN 978-88-8158-671-4

Price: €34.00
Discounted Price: €23.80
You Save: 30.00%
Enchanted gardens, splendid but aloof dames sans merci, solitary heroes in search of a lost love, magical apparitions immersed in blinding light and sudden visions: this is the surprising and prolific, eclectic and prodigiously generous artistic activity of Claudio Guarino, a “creator” with an unpredictable and original personality of objects, installations, films, and performances inspired by opera and gathered here for the first time.
This publication documents the oeuvre of an artist who knows how to simultaneously discuss desire, pleasure, and eroticism, not opposed or merely compared to existing norms but instead re-imagined in a fantastical, fairy-tale, limitless world.

Have a look on the inside book: guarino.pdf