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COMPREHENSIVE CATALOGUE arrow Sarah Malakoff. Second Nature

Sarah Malakoff. Second Nature

Artists: Sarah Malakoff
Authors: Linda Benedict-Jones, Jen Mergel
Format: 24 x 28 cm
Pages: 80
Binding: hardback
Illustrations: 42 in color
Year: 2013
Edition: English
ISBN 978-88-8158-861-9

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Sarah Malakoff’s large-format photographs of domestic interiors appear at once familiar and strange. In her exquisite and psychologically resonant images, the rooms become both a refuge from and a reinvention of the world outside. As Linda Benedict-Jones writes in her introduction: “. . . we walk through rooms large and small where brightly patterned curtains and dark wood paneling take over, as canoes become coffee tables and living rooms accommodate tree trunks . . . Each space is carefully transcribed in the warm vocabulary of contemporary color photographs, creating an ensemble greater than the sum of its parts.” Boundaries between inside and outside, shelter and vulnerability, the real and the imagined all become blurred. Malakoff’s formally precise compositions set the stage for viewers to imagine the characters that reside within.