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Contemporary Art arrow Heide Hatry. Not a Rose

Heide Hatry. Not a Rose

Artists: Heide Hatry
Authors: autori vari
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 256
Binding: hardback
Illustrations: 81 in color
Year: 2012
Edition: english
ISBN 978-88-8158-843-5

Price: €42.00
Discounted Price: €35.70
You Save: 15.00%

No other book has addressed the nature of our relationship to flowers so diversely, comprehensively, and thoughtfully as Not a Rose. Ostensibly a rather traditional picture book, these appealing images of innocent flowers are not what they seem to be; they are sculptures that artist Heide Hatry has created from the offal, sex organs, and other parts of animals. Elegant yet deeply disturbing, these compelling artworks call into question the foundations of aesthetic reception in general and the ethics of our use and abuse of nature. Woven through the images is the writing of 101 prominent intellectuals, writers, and artists (including Jonathan Ames, Karen Duve, Jonathan Safran Foer, Jessica Hagedorn, Donna Haraway, Siri Hustvedt, Robert Kelly, Lucy Lippard, Kate Millett, Rick Moody, Steven Pinker, Avital Ronell, Stanley Rosen, Peter Singer, Klaus Theweleit, Franz Wright, and Luisa Valenzuela) who address “the question of the flower” from a multi plicity of perspectives, including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, philology, art history, gender studies, botany, physics, and chemistry. As in her previous conceptual book projects – Skin and Heads and Tales – Hatry has perfected a new form, a hybrid work that is both book and conceptual art installation. In Not a Rose you will experience contemporary art at its best: it is thinking through art.

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