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Fotografia arrow Steve Simon

Steve Simon

The Republicans
Artisti: Steve Simon
Autori: Mark Engler
Formato: 24x16,5
Pagine: 80
Legatura: cartonato
Illustrazioni: 55 illustrazioni in bicromia
Anno: 2005
Edizione: inglese
ISBN 978-88-8158-561-8

Prezzo di copertina: €27.00
Prezzo Scontato: €18.90
Risparmi: 30.00%
The Republicans Party held its national convention in New York City, less than three miles from where the World Trade Center once stood. Five thousand party delegates gathered in a heavily fortified Madison Square Garden to nominate George W. Bush for a second term as part of the largest demonstration in America history ever to confront a national political convention, and by an unprecedented 15,000 journalists who arrived to cover the event. Steve Simon’s photographs captured the scripted performances on stage, the media pundits who lined the arena, and the uninhibited displays of free speech that filled Manhattan’s streets. His work illuminates a fateful time in the history of a divided nation, challenging us to look beyond the carefully manages pageant that appeared on the evening news-and to gauge for ourselves the state of American democracy.


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Steve Simon
Steve Simon
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