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Human Game

Winners and losers
Authors: Tommaso Bartalesi, Francesco Bonami, Paola Colaiacomo, Elda Danese, Raffaella Brunzin, Maddalena De Bernardi, Peter De Potter, Valentina Durante, Ferrero Camoletto Raffaella, Maria Luisa Frisa, Alessandra Marchi, Alexandra Marshall, Matilda McQuaid, Toby Miller, Amanda Montanari, Elena Moretti, Stefano Pistolini, Maddalena Renzi, Olivier Saillard, Fabrizio Sarpi, Roberta Sassatelli, Horacio Silva, Nick Sullivan, Mauro Tinti, Stefano Tonchi, Alessandra Vaccari, Greg Williams ,Emanuela Audisio
Edited by: Francesco Bonami, Maria Luisa Frisa, Stefano Tonchi
Format: 14 x 20,5 cm
Pages: 496
Binding: brossura
Illustrations: 562 immagini di cui 499 a colori
Year: 2006
Edition: italiano
Partners: Fondazione Pitti Discovery, Firenze
ISBN 978-88-8158-606-6

Price: €44.00
Discounted Price: €30.80
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What place does sports have in contemporary society? What are the ingredients that make it a hub and crux of everyone’s life? When did an activity linked to the discipline of the body undergo a transformation into a discipline that incorporates technology, fashion, art, marketing, medicine, and communication? Human Game: Winners and Losers, a project by Fondazione Pitti Discovery, investigates and reflects on sports as a metaphor for existence, poised between passion and desire, science and research, triumph and defeat. It traces the links with recreational activity and with social, political, and cultural life and reveals the impact that it has had on the art, fashion, and culture of our time. In five different sections—limit, games, mutation, tradition, freedom—matching the five rings on the Olympic flag, it tackles such significant themes as speed, protection, lightness, strength, eros, tradition, race, gender, communication, and spectacle. These themes reflect the complexity of contemporary sporting imagery, in which the behavior of champions influences the fashion and the lifestyles of ordinary people; art uses sports as a symbol and a metaphor for life; the creations of fashion designers show how sports has left a mark on the clothes we wear and how sports itself has fallen under the spell of fashion. Human Game is a book that explores the human game through works of art, clothing, images, equipment, and many other things. Our way of life is being entangled in the mesh of sports.