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Essays and criticism arrow The Art Fair Age / La era de las ferias

The Art Fair Age / La era de las ferias

On Art Fairs as Urban Entertainment Centers; Art Fair Curators; Expanded Painting; Collecting; and New Fairism.
Authors: Paco Barragán. Prefaces by Amanda Coulson and Michele Robecchi
Format: 15,5 x 23 cm
Pages: 200
Binding: paperback
Illustrations: 68 illustrations in b/w
Year: 2008
Edition: English / Spanish
ISBN 978-88-8158-682-0

Price: €29.00
Discounted Price: €20.30
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Are there too many art fairs? Are art fairs outdoing biennials as cultural events? How should we interpret the increasing involvement of curators with art fairs? Are we experiencing a sort of “New Fairism”? And what about the motivations that drive collectors to take on a much more active role? Analytical, well-documented and irreverent, The Art Fair Age is an unprecedented book that examines the ongoing evolution of the art fair phenomenon.

Have a look on the inside book: ArtFairAge.pdf

Arte al Limite

The Art Fair Age by Paco Barragan on Metropolis M n.3 June/July 2008
Author biography: Paco Barragán (Oviedo, Spain) is an independent curator and culture broker based in Madrid. He is artistic director of CIRCA PR; head of the selection committee of PhotoMiami; artistic director of Festival SOS 4.8 (Murcia); and curatorial advisor to the Artist Pension Trust (APT), New York. Exhibitions he has curated include “nEUclear reactions,” International Biennale of Contemporary Art (IBCA), Prague, and CAB, Burgos, Spain; “Don’t Call It Performance,” Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Madrid, and El Museo del Barrio, New York; “The Expanded Painting Show,” MASH Miami; and “Lee Bul: Aseptia,” Domus Artium (DA2), Salamanca. He is the author of The Art to Come/El arte que viene, 2002, Subastas Siglo XXI.

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